The Dexcar project consists of three phases, which at the end will make up the entire project.

Phase I

Dexcar was established as the first car rental free community in October, 2014. The objective is to drastically reduce the ongoing maintenance cost of the car (not including fuel). The collective makes it possible to rent cars in the long or short term at low costs. Members of the community may, under certain conditions, rent a car for 0.00 euro per month.

Phase II

In February 2016, the project dex@now was started by the growing community. This is a new era of mobility, a completely new way to drive where monthly rent is based on the kilometres actually driven.

Dex@now is an innovative long-term car rental where kilometre packages can be purchased and constantly extended, similar to a prepaid system.

Phase III

We anticipate launching Dex@go in January 2017. This innovative system will be offered at several major European airports. It works via our platform so you no longer have to wait when renting a car at the airport. This new technology is part of the car software as well as an app on your mobile devices. You can use the app to see exactly where your rented car is parked. You do not need a key for the car. The cars are also equipped with wifi.

About us

Dexcar is a German company that was founded in 2014. Dexcar is unique in the European market with the new innovative concept of a Car Rental Free Community. Dexcar operates in an environmentally conscious manner, uses the latest technology, and applies the most advanced of the new economy concepts. All of this makes Dexcar unique in the car rental sector. Dexcar is the first Car Rental Free Community with the aim of drastically reducing car operating costs for its members (except for fuels). The collective makes possible the project of long-term or short-term car rental at low costs. Everyone who supports the project can receive a car for a monthly rental fee of 0 euros.

Where we are

Dexcar Autovermietung UG Weidkamp 180
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