Dex@Reward is the project from Dexcar based on the "rewards based" crowdfunding as defined by the European Commissioncrowd1

Through the crowdfunding, excellent and innovative projects can be achieved thanks to small sums paid by a large number of people.


The reward based type we have chosen plans that individuals who make a donation to our project and to our entrepreneurial activities receive in exchange for their contribution a reward which is not financial, but dispensed in services.

Dex@Reward expects as reward for backers the opportunity to drive a Dexcar branded car for free (no costs) for a period of 24 months including: Full Kasko insurance, Organized Maintenance, 1 tires change, Property Tax, Registration and activation fees, Road assistance, 25,000 km / year, Possibility to extend the car use up to 5 drivers.



Dexcar choses to innovate the traditional crowdfunding formula by saving on the web platform commission and management coasts, and by promoting its own fundraising through a business network organized according to the century distribution model: Network Marketing, previously tested and affirmed  by many multinational corporations.For its fundraising, Dexcar relies on a network of specialized promoters (Advisor) to receive more visibility and donations in support of its projects.




parco auto

The European scene is marked by an obsolete car mobility, with a trend of around 10 years life vehicles, which produce more pollution and result more dangerous in drive.  The maintenance costs of old car models represent today a real complication for families, without mentioning the economic difficulties in purchasing a new vehicle to drive safely.

This is an important fact when it comes to security and prevention: it is statistically demonstrated that a dated car is a direct cause of accidents and road deaths.

Dexcar enter this context by promoting an idea which is sustainable both from a technical/environmental and economic/human point of view, through the most modern business models: in addition to security and guarantees resulting from the new production cars, made available to supporters users for 24 months before being resold to keep the fleet eternally young and safe, Dexcar intends to confront with one of modern world biggest problems: the need for new job opportunities and the social need for economic security. While the contribution of Advisors helps to increase the amount required for the projects realization, at the same time  Dexcar employees have the opportunity to earn significant revenues from business management, thus promoting an initiative both socially and personally useful.



imagesTo start DexReward and our future business projects we created the Dexcar Community: a group of members and supporters passioned about car and mobility just like us, aware of the costs and risks related to old cars property and sensitive to the need of driving a car newly fabricated.

Compared with the traditional driving solutions, members of Dexcar Community have recognized the convenience of Dex@Reward Project joining the initiative that allows them to save and be rewarded by driving an advertising car for 24 months, without any maintenance cost car. In exchange for the contribution in supporting the project, proponents are happily rewarded by driving a Dexcar branded car to increase the visibility of the brand and encourage the spread of the Community in Europe. In line with the principles of sustainability and social ethics typical of Dexcar and crowdfunding system, the company is promoting the no costs drive project being committed to deliver branded car within 24 months from the contribution.

Aware of the timing related to crowdfunding, Dexcar offers the guarantee, to those supporters who request it, of returning the amount paid in case of non delivery of the car withing the 24 months from the order.






1) The community finances Dexcar for corporate projects: each contribution is associated with an order or pre-order that is added to the request tables.

2) The tables of orders determine the time and delivery of rewards to supporters users: a Dexcar branded car for 24 months plus Full Kasko insurance, Scheduled Maintenance, 1 Tire change, Property tax, Registration and activation fees, Road assistance, 25,000 km / year, Possibility to extend the car use up to 5 drivers.

3) The delivery orders, corresponding to the purchase of new cars thanks to the money raised by the community leave the tables: Dexcar car park is made up.

4) After two years use by the award winning members, used cars leave the car park and are sold on the used market.

5) The proceeds resulting from the Remarketing is deposited in the Main Pool. Every month our software makes a classification of the oldest orders in tables (Overtime orders) and all cash deposited in the Main Pool is transformed into company Corporate Orders, which are placed in the Overtime orders tables to allow the progress towards the delivery of Dexcar promotional cars.When Corporate orders leave the tables, the company has at its disposal a budget for the purchase of company cars destined to the long-term rental Dex@Now. Monthly fees arising from the rental Dex@Now come together in the Main Pool, becoming more Corporate orders in support of the Community.




We will soon include a Wiki Section on the Rewards program, previously called “Auto Bonus”, in which all the details and steps of the program will be shared with the Web users.

Come back visiting our website and stay updated on Dexcar crowdfunding projects and the incoming Dexcar Labs.




About us

Dexcar is a German company that was founded in 2014. Dexcar is unique in the European market with the new innovative concept of a Car Rental Free Community. Dexcar operates in an environmentally conscious manner, uses the latest technology, and applies the most advanced of the new economy concepts. All of this makes Dexcar unique in the car rental sector. Dexcar is the first Car Rental Free Community with the aim of drastically reducing car operating costs for its members (except for fuels). The collective makes possible the project of long-term or short-term car rental at low costs. Everyone who supports the project can receive a car for a monthly rental fee of 0 euros.

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