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The Project

Dexcar is a Car Rental Free Community with the aim of offering cars for long-term rental. Our community members can receive a car for a monthly rental fee of 0 euros. This is the reality at Dexcar. Soon Dexcar will offer traditional car rental at airports.


Dexcar offers numerous models from all well-known German automakers, such as Opel, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, etc. Our range of cars is constantly expanding. We offer everything from city cars to luxury models in all categories, so that you will soon be driving your dream car.

How do I become a customer?

You are interested in our offers? Then get in contact with one of our partners (advisers) or directly with Dexcar. The sales partners will explain the Dexcar concept to you, so that you can enjoy the advantages of our business concept too. As a member of the community you will have access to all of the options.


Are you looking for a way to achieve your personal and professional goals? You enjoy working with customers and love cars? Dexcar offers exceptional opportunities and prospects for achieving this. Please contact us or get in touch with one of our partners.

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About us

Dexcar is a German company that was founded in 2014. Dexcar is unique in the European market with the new innovative concept of a Car Rental Free Community. Dexcar operates in an environmentally conscious manner, uses the latest technology, and applies the most advanced of the new economy concepts. All of this makes Dexcar unique in the car rental sector. Dexcar is the first Car Rental Free Community with the aim of drastically reducing car operating costs for its members (except for fuels). The collective makes possible the project of long-term or short-term car rental at low costs. Everyone who supports the project can receive a car for a monthly rental fee of 0 euros.

Where we are

Dexcar Autovermietung UG Weidkamp 180
D-45356 Essen


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