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The German Dexcar Autovermietung GmbH is headquartered in the city of Essen. For the protection of customers and sales partners local offices in other Dexcar-countries were founded, that work on base of the respective national law. The clearly defined objectives of the Dexcar group are to establish the brand, expand continuously market and sales, secure a sustainable business for their distributers, offer more attractive services, delight the customers with more and more benefits and convince them to become Dexcar-referrers.

Dexcar is based on trust and responsibility.

We got trust from the most famous automotive manufacturer in the world and trust is the reason why Dexcar is growing from day to day and why Dexcar extends the network of customers and employees. We take environmental responsibility, because our products are manufactured environmentally friendly. So Dexcar meets the standard of sustainability in the European Community.

Speedy Car Rental

dex@go:now Dexcar works with high pressure in the third stage of the Dexcar-Mobility-Projects. The project will materialize in the first half of 2018 with the revolutionary dex@go-rental system in the market. Due to the by Dexcar developed trend-setting technology
dex@go will enable an application platform at airports which significantly reduces waiting times of car hire.
This Dexcar application is installed in future in the cars and in the rental locations. The loading area of the
device connections with fre Wifi access is powered by green energy.

Long Term Car Rental

with the community of
members Dexcar created in February 2016 dex@now and thereby initiated a new age of mobility that revolutionizes the European car trade. The monthly fees for the car rental performance are calculated on the basis of actual kiloimetres. dex@now is therefore one of Europe’s most innovative and consumer-friendly long term car rentals.

Sharing car rental

dexcar@reward: Dexcar founded
in October 2014 the first “Community Car Rental free” for the target of significant savings for car drivers. Thanks
to the efforts of the individual members a wide mobility project was created that allows long-term leasing contracts
for the “quasi free used Dexcar-new car”.